Paul Goodall Testimonial

       I do not take professional referrals lightly because my reputation is at stake, so here’s a shameless plug that is far past due.I know you’ve probably come across quite a few people who will refer you to a real estate agent because they have a friend or family member who does it, but often times they have zero experience whatsoever working with that agent out in the market… or maybe they’ve worked with them once on a first time home purchase and really have nothing to compare their experience with, so they just don’t know any better.You wanna know how I found Karen Little Realtor Associate Broker – RealtySouth? She was the seller’s agent when we bought our last home back in 2012, and she was so good at representing the sellers that when it came time for us to sell one of our rental properties about a year later, we called her.Then earlier this year when it came time to sell our home, sell another rental property, and buy a new home… we called her again. That’s four separate transactions in as many years with Karen on our team, and we couldn’t have asked for more. She’ll even teach you how to make a bed for showings if you’re like me and need a little guidance. ???? She is bar none the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent we have ever worked with… and there have been a few.If you are looking to buy or sell your home, or if you know anybody who is, please give her a call or shoot her an email. She’d be happy to hear from you, and you will find no one better to represent you during what will be one of the largest personal investments you will ever make. I know this is long, but like I said, I don’t take referrals lightly. If it’s worth my time to refer you to them, it’s worth my time to tell you why.Thanks!!

       Paul Goodall

— Paul Goodall